more space, more comfort,
and more freedom.



Designed around years of customer feedback and a strong focus on innovation, the 2018 Imagine Cruiservan sets a new standard for travelling in comfort. With automatic electric roof setup, internal cabin height of 2.1 m, and basically zero setup required the new Imagine Cruiservan is the most innovative camper on the market giving you more space, more comfort, and more freedom to explore the unknown in ultimate comfort.


main Fold-out double bed


The 193 x 137 cm main double bed offers ample space and comfort for a  good nights rest. Fitted with mosquito nets and zipper covers the front and side panels allows for maximum ventilation and a breeze of fresh air to cool down the unit.


Comfortable Couch


Ultimate comfort for the whole family. The second spacious double bed effortlessly folds out to the side of the Imagine allowing for instant set-up for additional 2 adults.

Air condition


The African climate can be unforgiving.

Gone are the days of a sticky nights sleep. Now you can control your climate regardless of the outside temperature.

5 Drawer wardrobe


Imagine leads the way in comfort with the sliding 5 drawer wardrobe. Experience convenience with easy access to all clothes and get dressed in comfort. The wardrobe ensures your clothes remain neatly packed when driving through any terrain.



Imagine leads the way in comfort with the sliding 5 drawer wardrobe. Experience convenience with easy access to all clothes and get dressed in comfort. The wardrobe ensures your clothes remain neatly packed when driving through any terrain.

Beachwood  DRAWERS


The easy accessible drawers in the main cabin allows for ample storage for all those smaller items or additional clothes ensuring your unit remains neat and tidy at all times.

Storage bench / seat


Extra storage space for things that won't be used as often but still easy to access and that it has a separate space for your battery.

Extra high roof space


Step into the Imagine and discover the sensation of light and internal space. With hydrophilic setup, the roof extends to over 2m allowing for the tallest of guests to move around in comfort.

Battery monitor


Keeping track of your battery performance is clearly visible with the internal National Luna battery monitor.  Performance and charging is measured and indicated with a sequence of lights with the option to set-up an alarm before the battery reaches low voltage and requires to be charged.

LED interior lights


The Imagine is fitted with three low energy LED lights at the entrance door, bed and roof. Not only does it offer plenty of light in the unit but also consumes minimum energy to extend your battery life. These lights come with a two phase bright and dim setting.

FOLD down Table


Exploring rugged terrains does not mean you should tough it out. The fold down table gives plenty of space to prepare and plan your day.

Mosquito netting windows with zip


Fitted with mosquito nets and zipper covers all 4 sides opens up for maximum ventilation and a breeze of fresh air to cool down the unit during day or night whilst keeping out those unwanted visitors.


Nose cone storage


Convenient and ample storage space in front of the unit for quick and easy access to all your additional camping equipment such as tents, ground sheets, chairs etc.

LED tail lights


High quality LED rear tail-lights ensure you maintain excellent on-the-road visibility during day and night or extreme weather conditions.

85 Litres water tank


A 85 Litres water tank situated securely below the unit feeds  water to the kitchen allowing for more than enough water for drinking or washing dishes. Simply unlock and open the water cap on the side of the unit to fill or drain access water while you drive by turning the valve below the unit.

110 Volt AC charging socket


Charging your battery system is quick and effortless by connecting the charging cable to the exterior socket. A protective cover lid also ensures your socket remains dust-free and  allows for safe charging in rainy conditions.

 Jerry can holder


Every Imagine unit comes standard with 2 x Jerry Can
 holders so that you can explore the unknown with comfort knowing you have sufficient fuel during your journey.

Extended roof


The extended fly-sheet above both the main and side bed /  cupboard not only ensures you remain 100% dry when it's pouring with rain but also works as a shield against the harsh sun for a cooler camping experience.

Battery AC/DC Charging system


The charging system charges and restores the capacity of medium to large 12 Volt Lead-Acid battery while you drive, converting 220 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC. Ensuring you are never left in the dark.


Removable  table


 Gain easy access to the Fold-up aluminium table that is securely stored in the nose cone. You can simply slide the table out, should you need a little extra workspace.

1  x Spare wheel carriers


Now you can bash into rugged terrain with more confidence knowing you have a spare wheels for your Imagine or your vehicle. A secured threat-and-lock cover allows for easy and quick access to the spare wheel irrespective of the environment under or around your unit.

one Universal Key


A universal key securely locks and unlocks all doors such as the kitchen roof, fridge slider, side bed and back door so that you can quickly unlock the full potential of your Imagine once you reach your destination.

Tent pole storage


All tent poles required to setup camp are securely placed
and stored in a tube inside the nose cone.
Up to 10 x 2.5M retractable tent poles can be stored and accessed from the nose cone storage.

advance Auto reverse breaking system


Eliminates the hassle to engage reverse mode manually. Our ARS system automatically engages reverse, allowing you to stay in your vehicle when you are backing up with your Comfortvan.




Nothing beats a long day more than a relaxing hot shower in the comfort of your own Imagine. With no setup required, you can now stay fresh and take a hot or cold shower when and where you want to.



The fold-away hand and face basin with running hot water, is perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth or having a shave. Water is drained externally by simply lifting and folding back the basin.



Whether you need a nice relaxing hot shower or need to cool down, you can find just the right water temperature with the easy to use gas geyser.



No more late night sprints to the bathroom when nature calls. The Imagine Cruiservan comes standard with secure storage space for most Porta Potties to use when you need to or store out of sight when you don't.



A handy spot to keep all your essential toiletries within easy reach. Staying fresh while enjoying the great outdoors has never been more convenient.



Included in the bathroom area is ample storage for additional toiletries,  towels or linen ensuring you don't give up your daily home based bathroom comforts while on the road.



The shower curtain easily closes or opens on a curved rail to with no water spillage outside of the shower area. The bottom of the shower curtain is also lined with weights to fit perfectly into the moulded shower floor.

Non-slip shower floor


The moulded shower floor not only ensures you don't slip but also allows for effective drainage of water while you shower.


Sink with running water


Preparing for food and washing dishes cannot be more convenient with the fibre glass zink situated in the slide-out kitchen unit. Operated with an internal pump you simply open the tap enjoy having access to 85 litre water.

Two-burner Gas stove


The easy to clean stainless steel two-burner stove is conveniently placed within the slide-out kitchen unit in front of all cupboards and kitchen utensils. The stove is safely  ignited with the push of a button and can be controlled according to your heat requirements.

Kitchen Worktop


The easy to clean, fiberglass worktop offers more than enough work space to unpack your fridge and start preparing food. As an optional extra, upgrade to the high quality scratch resistant black glass worktop slide-out kitchen unit. Once completed, simply lift the worktop and get access to either the basin or stove.

Cutlery drawer


The kitchen unit also features a cutlery drawer for all your essential cutlery ensuring you have everything you need right in front of you.

Kitchen cupboards


Open the kitchen roof and you get instant access to the kitchen and outer cupboards. Featuring plenty of dedicated packing space for items such as glasses, cutlery, bottles etc. Finding what you need or preparing a meal while you are on the road has never been more convenient.

Sliding fridge / freezer


Simply unlock and slide out your fridge/freezer unit for quick and easy access when preparing food or grabbing a drink. The heavy duty roller-ball sliders caters for fridge/freezer units up to 90 litres. Simply slide back and lock at night or when traveling away from your unit.

Pantry shelving


Unique to Imagine, the fold-out kitchen cupboards open to  offer more kitchen packing space. Designed with comfort in mind the kitchen features ample practical storage for easy access to all kitchen and food requirements.

Sliding Drawers


The three centre wire-frame drawers of the kitchen slides outwards so that you can maximise your packing space whilst getting easy access to all items.

Fold-up aluminium table


Standard on all units, the lightweight fold-up aluminium table is situated inside the nose cone. Simply remove the table, extend the legs and you are ready to sit back and enjoy your stay.

red kitchen lighting


Cooking food at night can be an irritating experience. The red kitchen light is another unique feature that minimizes the attraction of bugs so that you can enjoy making food in peace and quite.

Secure glass and bottle storage


All glasses and bottles can safely be secured in the high dense foam holders situated in selected cupboards minimizing the risk of breakage when travelling through rough terrains.

Gas lift kitchen door


Once unlocked, the kitchen door will autocratically extend and remain at its maximum height due to two gas lift shocks mounted on the aluminium kitchen frame.

Setup in minutes



automated Hydrophilic setup


Why struggle with ropes, poles and pegs when you can simply unzip and swing out the batwing canopy for complete shade coverage under 30 seconds. Ideal for overnight stop-overs, closing the batwing is just as easy so you can get back on the road in absolute no time.




The raised awning allows for a larger shaded area whilst the angled side panel also helps to keep the morning or late afternoon sun at bay for additional shade over the fridge area.



The raised awning allows for a larger shaded area whilst the angled side panel also helps to keep the morning or late afternoon sun at bay for additional shade over the fridge area.




The new standard to explore the unknown in ultimate comfort.







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